Atanasio Generic Implants: Who are we?


Generic Implants is represented throughout Europe by subsidiaries and distribution companies.


GIESSE TECHNOLOGY and IGA were founded in 1995, specifically to respond to the development of a new market that is still little known: generic implants.


We work in teams of biologists, teachers, surgeons, industrialists, researchers who work on the improvement of products for the surgical act and the comfort of your patients.


Based in Trets (F-13530) IGA has been marketing and training healthcare professionals since 1995.

We have generated the most widely used dental implants worldwide.



Our parts and implants are tested :

  •     Aesthetic, dimensional and functional control on 100% of the parts produced.

The generic: you did it for your medications, start over for your implants!

As you know, generic drugs were launched on the market over twenty years ago. After various reactions including stinging refusals, they are now recommended by social security and we have perfectly integrated them into our health life.


Remember that medical care is reimbursed and not dental implants.


The production and distribution of generic dental implants is exactly the same as for that of generic drugs.


Their affordable prices are due only to a question of patents and our refusal to play the spending game for patronage and advertising purposes.


We sincerely believe that everyone should have access to dental implants regardless of their means.


Let your patients benefit from this technology which will allow them to seek treatment from you and not abroad. Which will allow them to access quality products at a price that suits them. Which will allow them to regain comfort of life, confidence and self-esteem.


Benefits of Generic Implants for Dentists You keep your surgical kits; you keep your laying habits; you keep your protocols!


The online sale of the products and services presented on the site is reserved for dental surgeons residing in Europe.


All our products are manufactured according to European directives with CE marking, their manufacture is verified by European certification bodies.


CE, ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 certified - Class II medical devices B-CE 0426/0476.


Best Regards - Maurizio Atanasio