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May 2020 - New!


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January 2020: the arrival of the plasma reactor to decontaminate our generic dental implants


GIESSE TECHNOLOGY and IGA have once again followed their natural penchant for the search for excellence by equipping themselves with a PLASMA REACTOR, a new technique capable of obtaining the best results today for the surface decontamination of dental implants.


The implant decontamination process followed by GIESSE TECHNOLOGY and IGA has demonstrated its effectiveness over the years. It is efficient for the chemical decontamination of the surface, guarantees the elimination of machining slags such as carbon and alumina (which are universally considered as possible causes of lack of osseointegration of implants).


The traditional decontamination process uses only liquid-type decontamination agents, which, however, do not act on organic contaminants present on the surface of the implants. The latter can only be removed by decontaminating elements of the gaseous type, applicable through an electrochemical process. This is what the plasma reactor allows.


It is equipped with an internal chamber in which the implants are contained and where the ions of the inert gas Argon are sent at a high power. Under the effect of ion "shock waves", organic particles lodged in the roughness of the surface are also reached and eliminated.


As indicated in the RT-PCR analysis report, the values ​​obtained on the GIESSE TECHNOLOGY implants in the absence of pro-inflammatory contaminating agents on the surfaces, align with those of the implants produced by one of the most popular brands. Most prestigious worldwide.


April 2019: new packaging to CE standards for our generic implants


Uniact packaging