UNIVERSAL SCREW TAPERED “ZIMMER SCREW VENT®” connection full compatibility.


“ZIMMER SCREW VENT®” connection full compatibility.
Implant in titanium medical grade with cover screw
(HEX 1.27 mm) and millable mounter (HEX 2.4 mm) included.

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GS ISC 3708 Ø3,7 x 8
GS ISC 3710 Ø3,7 x 10
GS ISC 3711 Ø3,7 x 11,5
GS ISC 3713 Ø3,7 x 13 Ø3,5
GS ISC 4108 Ø4,1 x 8
GS ISC 4110 Ø4,1 x 10
GS ISC 4111 Ø4,1 x 11,5
GS ISC 4113 Ø4,1 x 13
GS ISC 4708 Ø4,7 x 8
GS ISC 4710 Ø4,7 x 10 Ø4,5
GS ISC 4711 Ø4,7 x 11,5
GS ISC 4713 Ø4,7 x 13


GS TWV 127A – H10 mm
GS TWV 127B – H15 mm
GS TCV 127A – H10 mm
GS TCV 127B – H15 mm
GS TWI 240A – H10 mm
GS TWI 240B – H15 mm
GS TCI 240A – H10 mm
GS TCI 240B – H15 mm
GS TWM 2B - H15 mm